Quadratta Bowl with Integrated Wet Gutter.

In the Kitchen 2020 line, the Gutter brings the exclusivity of its new product, Quadratta Cuba with Integrated Gutter.
This wonderful product combines design, space utilization and practicality with excellent cost benefit! Thinking about the best for our customers, this product will change your kitchen.
Following the trend of the gourmet universe, the model features a spacious and functional vat with integrated 3-channel Wet Gutter (drainer for 6 plates, cup holder, 3 cutlery holder and utensils). The Quadratta model is suitable for countertops of different sizes and models.
Complete wet trough tub integrated;
Includes 4.1 / 2 "stainless valve.
Possibility of installing crusher in the same hole as the valve;
Wide and versatile vat;
Complete wet chute with 3 modules;
It has Anti-noise (application of special PAD on the bottom and external side of the tub, this application reduces the sound caused by the contact of water in the tub).

Technical description:
Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Finish: Scotch Brite
Installation: Embed or overlap.

External measures of the bowl: 540 x 580mm (Length x Width)
Internal measures of the bowl: 500 x 350mm (Length x Width)
Bowl Depth: 200mm
Wet Trough with plate holder, cup holder, 3 silverware holder and utensils

Versatile, modern and super resistant product.

Produced 100% in high quality 304 stainless steel.
Made in Brazil.

Technical drawing: